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Not sure where to start your Agile transformation Journey?

Inovorks started its Agile Transformation practice in response to client demand. Clients, after experiencing the productivity and quality that Inovorks delivered through its Agile development approach, we helped to a lot of companies transform from tradition waterfall to agile– causing minimal disruption or service degradation during the early stages of the Agile transformation.

Proven transformation approach tailored to individual company needs can be delivered to an entire organization, an IT area and its stakeholders, or individual development teams and relevant stakeholders .

Scope of the transformation depends upon the client’s “Agility Readiness” –from an IT, business and culture perspective

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Product Development

Product Development is the iteration based process of brainstorming, inventing, planning, designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product design concept from its inception to a finish market ready product.

Agile Transformation

These days you can often hear managers or CXOs sharing buzzwords like “We must change and become an agile organization”. When it comes to actually preparing your company for the agile approach many uncertainties arise. How do we implement the practice?

Digital Transformation

For businesses looking to grow, pivot, or incubate new products and services, our Digital Advisories offer a structured approach to rapidly unblock specific problems that frequently occur across the product lifecycle. From process to infrastructure, architecture to data, our teams of experts are ready to help and break through the challenges you’re facing.